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Commercial Services


At CKPools, We understand the needs of commercial and business pools very well. and we can manage and solve virtually any problem that may arise. Since our experience of more than 30 years in swimming pool construction, designing, remodeling, maintaining, cleaning and repairing, Regardless if it’s an apartment complex, hotel, health club or daycare, made us efficient in operating all swimming pool services with the fastest time, the best cost and the highest quality.


We can provide all of your commercial pool, spa, and fountain repair, renovation, and service needs. We offer complete pool renovation, maintenance, and servicing for our commercial customers. We provide all our services to clients ranging from community pools, water parks, camps, amusement parks, hotels, condominiums, colleges/universities, and more.

We are committed to providing the highest quality pool service in the industry with well trained staff, quality equipment, staff support and advanced communications. We are up to date with all pool and spa rules and regulations and are capable of checking your facility to confirm you meet all current standards. Our staff of technicians is among the best trained in the industry and we maintain a comprehensive training program that includes bi weekly local classes and national training. We work with most major manufacturers to assist clients with warrantee claims and equipment updates. We also work with commercial pool builders to assist with warrantee claims and turnover of new facilities to commercial clients.

What Our Services Included :
  • Leak Detection that includes location and repair of leaks
  • Deck repair and upgrades
  • Tile and Coping repair and replacement with hundreds of options available and Pool resurfacing that includes many options from advanced Pebble Tec to basic paint.
Take Advantage Of Some Of The Major Technology Advances :
  • UV Disinfectant
  • Chemical Controllers
  • Solar Heat
What We Committing With :

We committed to improving the quality of pool service and operations throughout the region. We are always available for reference, call or email with questions and we will do our best to assist with finding a solution for your problem.

We are also out daily providing such basic service as repairing heaters, pumps, filters and chemical feeders. Our crews are available 24 hours per day and we have technicians available throughout the region on call to quickly provide any service you may require.