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Other Pool Services

Pool Remodeling

CKPools has designed, cleaned, maintained, serviced and repaired hundreds of swimming pools in Houston over the past years and because we have more than 30 years experience in the pool industry, we know very well what you have in mind when thinking about your remodeling project.

Pool Management

Let our experts at CKPools handle and deal with everything from hiring lifeguards to assembling pool chemistry and mechanical operations to providing a unique swimming experience, where you can rely on our professional management team who will deal with every aspect of caring for your pool whether your swimming pool is indoors or opens seasonally, with +30 years of swimming pool management experience, we are your best choice you can make to deliver a safe, clean and fully maintained pool.

Pool Design and Construction

CKPOOLS as one of the leading providers of swimming pools in Houston, Texas, we are consistently committed to the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology, as this is the only way to ensure that you enjoy your swimming pool for a lifetime.

Pool Leak Detection

45 days of leak detection warranty from the day the leak detection is performed provided ! are you satisfied now? At CKPools we know that swimming pool water leaks are always trouble and we understand that expensive chemicals adding value to the lost.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Your filter is one of the main components in keeping your pool clean, so it also needs to be kept clean. But maybe you’re new to pool maintenance. Or maybe you just got a new type of filter. Whatever the case, knowing how to clean a pool filter is an essential part of owning a pool, so CKPools manage this task easily for you.